Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He drinks coffee. He eats cereal. He eats cookies. This is not a healthy breakfast but he is still alive so it can’t have been too bad. Then he walks to the bus stop and gets on the bus and then gets on the train and there are no seats on the train so he walks through all the carriages past tired looking commuters until he finds a double seat where he can spread himself out and not have to intefere with the personal space of strangers. He watches the inside of his brain as it spreads confines triggering hopes and dreams as the world continues turning.  He watches as the magnification of Mandelification on all news networks over bears everything else. His glow extends to all comers and he is repurposed and remolded in whatever shape is seen fit for the moment. Everyone gets a piece of him and is thus cleansed but for a moment of their hideous acts. Everyone uses him passing him around using him for their own purposes but there is real Joy and happiness and what is wrong with that? Wrong when it is used to distract from the horror of powerful men and the system that keeps them in their power. But is that so wrong? That is so wrong he thinks. Then he goes to the National Christmas tree and looks at the tree and the toy trains and the White House with a flag at half mast and he feels love as he walks to Shake Shack and eats a glorious burger and is accosted by an army of drunk Santas and he thinks he may be hallucinating but then he realizes that he isn’t hallucinating and it is men getting drunk dressed as Father Christmas and he hopes that no children see this horror-show. Then there is lots of snow and there is Gingerbread custard which is the best flavour in the world and it would bring world peace if it were given to everyone he is sure and then he thinks that someone would probably try to control the supply of gingerbread custard and tax it and ban certain people from having it and then there would be a gingerbread war so perhaps it wouldn’t bring world peace after all. Then he watches Aziz Ansari and he is very funny but there is some victim shaming which makes him like the jokes less and then there is more walking through a beautiful cold clear Washington DC kept warm by love and then late night talking and idiot students driving a car covered in snow without any care for those who may be hit by the snow as it slides so fast off the bonnet as they drive down the highway. Then Protests banned at The University of London which seems to be something that doesn’t happen in free and democratic countries but then are there any free and democratic countries he thinks probably there are but he is just being polemical. Then the creator of The Wire talks about two Americas and Marx and he wonders if this means that there is a revolution coming but he always thinks there is a revolution coming and he is always wrong. Then he watches Saturday Night Live and he thinks that the new cast are doing a great job and the fact that a large chunk of old guard recently left is actually going to be a very good thing for the show and not a bad thing even though they still don’t manage to do very well with race or gender and there are too many white men who may in fact be one white man with different wigs he isn’t  sure. Then he gets into bed after taking photographs in the mist and the cold and he falls asleep wondering if terrorists using World of Warcraft is actually a good thing because they’ll get addicted to the game and then have no desire for terrorizing.