Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. Silence. He dresses. The rustle of clothing. He takes the egg fried rice that he made the night before and puts it in his bag. The bus is empty except for the driver. The bus stop fills up with the usual tired people. The sun rises. Coffee is prepared. Breakfast is prepared. The day commences. It is calm at work. Then there is a warning of shots fired at the Capitol and everything goes crazy as facts are verified and discarded and the morphing of fiction into facts and back again dances around the city as comment is sought and truth is ground into paste. There are shots fired a woman on a rampage then video footage of a car driving erratically and the sight of a baby being brought out of the car and the White House is under attack and then Capitol Hill and then no attack and then the death of a woman and then she didn’t have a gun and so wasn’t firing because how could you fire without a gun but she was a threat but not a terrorist threat but she was attempting to invade the White House or maybe she just got lost and stressed and panicked when she was threatened with guns and a bad day became the worst day or maybe she thought that the President was the father of her child and she as insane and was trying to get child support or maybe there is another reason but whatever is the case watching the news would not have got you any closer to the truth of what happened only to the truth that news should not be broadcast 24 hours a day with the idea that facts are being reported in any way but that in actual fact what we are watching is storytelling in real time no facts no truth just a roller coaster ride with all the peaks and troughs that we expect from Hollywood. He eats his egg fried rice and drinks a coffee and ponders on the list of recommended reading that David Bowie has produced and is all over the internet and he wonders if Americans have any idea what Viz, Beano or Private Eye are and when they discover what they are whether they will be perplexed. They may be perplexed because they will find no explanation here they will have to go and look those periodicals up themselves and analyze the importance of why David Bowie put them on his list of 100 greatest books. Then he talks and enjoys the talking. Then he reads Team of Rivals and then he goes to sleep. Being alive is tiring.


Culture of Illusion – Matchbox Monuments.

I was quite taken with the idea, as I was strolling through Washington DC today, enjoying the full bloom of The Cherry Blossom Festival, of taking some photographs in which the great monuments of this fine country are but specks in the frame. So I did that and I show some of them to you now.

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You will note that The Washington Monument does not fit the definition but I included it anyway.

Please forgive me.