Horror Scope – Libra 30th September

Today your hugs will cure everything –

AIDS, Cancer, Gout.

But not loneliness.

There is no cure for loneliness.

libra 2

Horror Scope – Libra 29th September

You are the kind of person who wears your heart on your sleeve.

Your sleeve is soaked with blood and you have about a minute before that call for the ambulance will be for naught.

Fingers crossed!

Not that you can feel your fingers any more.

libra 2

Horror Scope – Libra 28th September

Someone will give you a million dollars today.

You just need to find which continent they are on.

Good luck!

libra 2

Horror Scope – Libra 27th September

Today the weather will be happening everywhere.

Look, it’s happening now, seeping under the door and through the windows.

There is no escape from The weather.

The Weather!

libra 2