Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. Thor 2 Anthony Hopkins seems half asleep but everyone else seems wide awake. The Hunger Games tiny little Peeta Mellark gets beaten up by everyone. Captain America is more nuanced that he thought it would be. The Dark Knight Rises is excellently entertaining but it’s plot is held together more by faith and goodwill than solid writing. Then he goes to a Chinese Tea House and eats lovely food and drinks lovely lime and ginger infusions except the lime looks suspiciously like a badly disguised lemon but it tastes so good and he makes a racist joke which is awful so awful that he cannot repeat it so he doesn’t feel he can ask for a lime instead of a lemon and he didn’t want to make the racist joke but it just came out without thinking and clearly he is still not the enlightened being he likes to pretend he is. Then they have a lovely caramel apple spice and then he is taught about the secret Starbucks menu and his mind is blown and then he double checks with the staff and they smile and nod knowingly at him and he is suddenly in a very special club. Then he reads about the Arab Uprising and it is no longer called the Arab Spring because there have been too many Springs now and one long awful winter and there is no freedom and joy and cafes and employment and meaningful change and then They Syrian Civil War continues and the horror continues and it continues and it continues and then his love makes a glorious winter drink with grand marnier and milk and cinnamon and it tastes like Christmas and there there are cuddles and love and Martin Luther King writes the letter from Birmingham jail and many years later people read it and are inspired by it and then there is ice skating and horses are being used for medical research and then being sold into the food chain but what if the research is for super strength or invisibility and those powers were transferred to civilians surely that would be worth the price of a horse shank to get super powers and then antiobiotics are going to be banned in beef but how is he going to get his medication now and how will he protect himself from mrsa and disease and death if he does not get all the cow and chicke medication through his eating of cow and chicken. He is worried and feels he will have to take more pills for his various imagined ailments. Then there isĀ  cranberry flavored ginger ale and cranberry flavored sierra mist cranberry flavored cranberries and everything is wonderful and everything is more and it is late and a boop made frmo bits and data is not a flesh and blood boop but as boops go it is better than no boop at all and then he sleeps.