Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He is proactive about his car. He calls the mechanic who is very polite. He organises for a tow. This was all too easy far too easy this was not the difficult task that he has been stressing about and putting off for months there must be something missing he must have forgotten something. He has a coffee. He manages to be not allergic to a cat. He has a shave. He has a shower. He watches in horror as red welts burst on his forehead. He is relieved when the calm down. He meets his new housemate. He is clean cut and fresh and young and toned and bright eyed and optimistic and all things that he is not. He forgets his name. His friend picks him up from wedding. He gets to the wedding. His friend drives without his hands on wheel for a while. It is scary. He meets new people. The ceremony is short and beautiful. The noise of leaves being pulled along by bridal train is loud. It is very loud. Can’t everyone hear the sliding rubbing dry skin roar of the leaves? TheĀ  children are quiet. The children are too quiet. Are they children? Are they androids? He does not know the answer to this question. Siri says loudly I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THAT at a comically perfect moment. There is wine. There is awkward conversation. Then there is unawkward conversation. Then there is laughter and food and political speechifying, then home and watching Breaking Bad and some light stalking from his stalker then Breaking Bad and Attack on Titan and reading and sleep.