Drunken Whinin’.

Oh now help me dear Lord,

What am I gonna do?

I’m so very drunk-tired,

Gotta hole in-ma left shoe.


Been wanderin’ since…

Been wanderin’ since…

Been wanderin’ since…

Since you threw me out,

Out of your heart,

Your barbed-wire heart.


Temples pulsate with off-

Ended remorse. Whiskey

Guilt’s a-flowin’ and I’m gettin’ me a cough.

Think I’m gonna rest down under that ragged tree;


It’s old and twisted, cracked and rough,

Just like me.

I lean back on some creaking bough,

Sinking then into dreams free-



While the Cocytus flows into Acher-

On’s course; Interlaced in abhorrent em-

Brace, dithered along their fractious borders.


Nothing proven remains true.

Time’s initial casu-

Alty, grasping, hopeless love.


In her was contained all perfection.

There’s no doubt, she gave me an erection.