Culture of Illusion – In A Parellel Universe.

As I was wondering around Washington DC last night I saw this:

art museum of the americas not soas

How wonderful it would have been, I thought as I took this picture, if the students who ended up graduating from the School of the Americas had instead been funneled through this wonderful institution.

Perhaps instead of conducting Dirty Wars and violating Human Rights in their homelands in the name of freedom and democracy they could have been a more subtle and productive influence on their people.

Traveling on foot – spreading art, knowledge and love throughout the land.

A man can dream.

In the meantime see what The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (That sounds so much more boring than US Army School of the Americas doesn’t it?) have been up to recently courtesy of the fine people at

School of the Americas Watch:

School of the Americas Watch or Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation Watch.

Having said all that The Art Museum of the Americas is a wonderful place too. So visit that as well.

This marks the end of my uncalled for Public Service Announcement.