Culture of Illusion – This is how Skynet wins.


This video shouldn’t terrify me because it’s got lovely graphics and upbeat music and the lady who is speaking sounds so reassuring but I can’t get out of my head the impression that this is an introduction to the fifth column of an internet hivemind preparing us all for irreversible symbiosis. Do we really need to have our lawnmowers connected to the internet? It strikes me that the lawnmower would be my weapon of first resort, if I were the General of an Internet Hive Mind, looking to extend my influence into the non-digital world. (I would call the real world the non-digital world if I were the General of an Internet Hive Mind.)

I am left with the feeling of cold clawing terror, as I slide down a slope greased with digital lubricant, into the chasmal gummy maw of unrelenting technological progress. I have no control of, or say in, anything that happens in this bright, vibrant, beautifully graphicised New World.

I am probably being ridiculous.

It is a very beautifully made video.


A final thought:  FUCK YOU, MISSING LETTERS, FUCK YOU. Everything is EVERYTHING it is not EVRYTHNG and by deciding that your company name is to be mispelt you have become a risible thing. No doubt this is part of some well thought out and expensive marketing strategy. This makes it all the more infuriating. I am sure you are all wonderful people.