Hand Prints

Palm prints dusted on a dark cavern wall Tiny stencilled hands forgotten for years. Large shiny missiles and thuggish bombs … More

Sonnet 3

I want to know how far we have to run Before we reach that mountain top of Myth. What jungles, … More

The Vagabond.

There is a restaurant over yonder On top of that lonely old hill. It is owned by a ragged vagabond … More

Sonnet 2

The key is sitting under the small clock. It is not the key I am looking for. The key I … More

Mixed Message.

Too many cooks spoil the broth Many hands make light work Many hands make light broth Too many hands spoil … More


Careful what you wish for Because it might come true. Beware of what you hope for It might leave you … More

Sonnet 1

I woke up today and I thought of you. The sheets were cold and the sky was full of snow. … More


Balding trees lace the grey sky of Fall. Soft wet earth clods on meandering shoes. Tiny feet stumble after a … More

Blue Open Sky

What thoughts gash the mind of that Dropping Sack As I look on Unconcerned? I am disinterested Too distant To … More

I Remember

I MISTILY remember my very first Plunge. Wrapped close in vodka’s sweet, warm blanket I stumbled with my giggling Aphrodite. … More

Untitled 2.

IMPERFECTIONS yet superior still To Circe’s substance. An empty fickle Heart yet more intense still than scorching, brill- Iant Sol, … More

Smoothly Blue.

Smoothly blue. wuntu, wuntuthreephor…                     Aaaaaaaaaaah…                                                                 crazee… diggit down, reelmellow down, yeah;                                                 ooooooohhh                                                                                 sha                                                                                                                 sha sha                                                                                 … More

Untitled 1.

THE WORDS melted wetly together Slickly sliding across the page. I was dubious; unsure whether I could, should, would control … More


* When the sky, for brief moments, stops. Leaves no longer rustle as, briefly Everything ceases. Drops Of molten reality, … More


What is it? Do you know? Can I ask you? Will you go? – I see you, Standing there. What … More

Old Man Bone-bag.

“I live between the cracks of a mountain’s Soul”, The old man said. His great time-carved arms Stretched in knotted … More

Dreaming Peacefully.

She’s Weeping in a piercing hopeless pain At smiling, sharp boned anorexics cut- Ting the air with their razor-edge framework. … More


In thoughts lowly ditch I cower and moan. As hope glides on by I tremble and groan. A pocket of … More


The leaves are bronzing over, as umber Shafts of the Autumn’s sun, tent- like, shade folly’s of a forced mortal … More


Drifting in the terrible scream Of a trembling explosion. Neat Victims seeming to shimmer in the melting heat Before thudding … More


She is standing before me in Some wretched sharp-boned pose. Dreams shift- Ing light pierces translucent thin, shrink-wrapped skin. Her … More

Mack and Yasha.

He unfolded, casually, off the floor. She had entered shiftily, through the door. They had planned to walk along the … More