Defeat The Silence – On Waking.

On waking, this silken honey repetition will bring you to full consciousness. It’s┬árepetitive beats will get under your skin and energize. You will dance on the inside and then dance on the outside.


Then you find yourself flying in the clouds alone and free and this song lifts you on wings of electronica as you soar and dip and swerve in the endless sky even as the crush in the train to work seeks to remind you of the life you did not want to live. Why am I loving Electronic music so much recently? This is a reason:

It is a beautiful thing that a digital electronic noise can create such a sense of nature inside my soul. I don’t know how it does this but I hope it does it to you too.

Finally this piece is your escape into another world. It takes you and lifts you to a better place rising up and ever upwards.

So the theme today is metaphysical flying via electronic music.

You are welcome to your Monday.