Culture of Illusion – Digital Love.

The Greatest Love Story of All.

Another Castle

Since the early-80s, gaming has done its best to create an emotional link with its player — just as so many books and movies before them. And what better way to emotionally involve people than to create the simplest of story-lines — boy meets girl, another boy kidnaps girl, boy chases down another boy, boy rescues girl. For this, the most triumphant of Hallmark holidays, we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day by counting down our favorite of video game couples [in no particular order].

Billy and Jimmy Lee + Marion = Double Dragon [Arcade]

Cloud + Aerith = Final Fantasy VII [PS One]

James + Mary = Silent Hill 2 [PS2]

Dom + Maria = Gears of War 2 [360]

Vincent + Catherine and Katherine = Catherine [PS3/360]

Wander + Mono = Shadow of the Colossus [PS2]

Yu + Rise or Yukiko or Chie = Persona 4 [PS2]

Mario [Jumpman] + Pauline [Lady]…

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