A Memory of Happier Times Part I

A Memory of Happier Times Part III

A Memory of Happier Times Part II

A Memory of Happier Times Part I

Another Day.

He wakes up at 0300. Why can’t he sleep? He doesn’t know. He lies in the filth of his own bed and tries to fall asleep again. He cannot. He turns on the television and glares at the infomercial that tells him life will be easier if he purchases the product that they are selling him two of for the price of one. He cannot use two of them at a time so why would this be a good thing for him? His car is covered in frost and the traffic is very bad. He watches a man cycle the wrong way down a one way street as he wobbles, talking on his cell phone without a hands free set and marvels at the stupid stubbornness of humanity. This man has made it alive through life this far. He looks like he is in his mid thirties. He knows the following things.

  1. Cycling one handed is difficult.
  2. Cycling up hill one handed is difficult
  3. Cycling the wrong way up a hill one handed is difficult
  4. Cyling the wrong way up a hill one handed whilst trying to have a phone conversation on a cold day is fucking stupid.

And yet he watches this man do all of those things. He despairs and then looks forward to the coffee he will make himself when he gets into the building he works in. He spends a lot of time trying not to buy video games in the steam online sale. He fails utterly. His mind wanders to no useful things and he finally writes a letter to his friend so that their game of correspondence monopoly can begin. He has no good reasons why he has not been better at starting this game but he does his best to explain in his letter. He eats some lovely soup for supper and gets an important legal document signed which means that soon it will all be over which is probably a good thing. He reads about the First World War and eats a cookie. Then he falls asleep, troubled by the things he has learned and all of the things he has left undone for yet another day.