Defeat The Silence – Free Market Tyranny and Fairytales.

Baroness Thatcher and Billy Bragg.

I don’t know if they ever met, but if they did, I think it would have been similar to what would happen if matter and anti-matter met in an experiment in a science fiction b-movie.


Defeat The Silence – Bring Out The Beast.

If you have a spare 38 minutes and 20 seconds I recommend you spending it with this album:

My Baroness Thatcher related post for the day.

Trying to keep everything as opaque as possible.

Is it Tuesday already?

Culture of Illusion – Hagiography and Hatred.

There are so many things to say about Baroness Thatcher.

I could say lots of things about her.

The four women in my life growing up where my Mother, My Grandmother, The Queen and Margaret Thatcher.

Only Queen Elizabeth is still alive.

Here is a picture that I posted on another blog some time ago. I am afraid that I cannot remember where I got it from but if anyone can give me a source I will credit it.


This is all I will post about Baronness Thatcher today.

Whatever opinion you have about her I hope you enjoy this picture.