Red Moleskine Art Show: Chapter 1

Red Moleskine Art Show: Chapter 1


She is standing before me in

Some wretched sharp-boned pose. Dreams shift-

Ing light pierces translucent thin,

shrink-wrapped skin. Her glorious grin

Dispossessed by fraught, frightened eyes.

Now, with thoughts obsessions first

Caress, each part of me that dies

Sees another path; the less cursed.

Stumbling in my own dark, bleak cor-

Ridors I fiercely hunt in love’s slow,

Impotent style after hope or

Hope’s trailing, tragic shadow.


I don’t know if we can be friends anymore, I said.

Oh, why is that? She said.

Well there’s a problem, I said.

And what is that? She said.

I love you, I said.

Oh, she said.

Oh, I said.

Oh, she said,


I said oh again, too.

We had both said oh twice.

I have ruined our friendship, I said.

No you haven’t, she said.

Yes I have, I said.

I don’t think you have, she said.

Oh? I said

Do you love me? I said.

Does it matter? she said.

It might be quite important, I said.

Do you want to know now? She said.

If you wouldn’t mind, I said.

I have to go, she said.

Oh, I said.

I took that as a no, I said.

Oh, she said.

I just don’t…, she said.

Are you going to go? I said.

She didn’t say

And then turned and walked away.