Horror Scope – Sagittarius 14th December

You will need to wear your suit of armour today.

This is a metaphor.

Your real suit of armour should be prepared for the weekend.

It’s going to get real nasty.


Horror Scope – Sagittarius 9th December

This morning time is going backwards so good evening to you.

I’m sorry about your broken legs and the lupus.

By this evening the morning will have happened and the restitching of your bones, the infection and the bonobos will be a distant confused memory.


Culture of Illusion – Do French Women Masturbate?

I ask this very rude and coarse question simply because the premise of this rather amusing video seems to rest on that very fact:

Perhaps they do and they just never tell the French Men.

Perhaps they are angry that their own sexual needs are never considered.

Perhaps they are irritated that they are seen as little more than objects to be used to satisfy the relentless lusting of men.

Perhaps they are sick of being treated like second class citizens.

Perhaps the mythical love making of the Frenchman is just that, a myth.

Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.

Oh wait, this is probably all women and all men throughout all Time.

You don’t need to tell me.

It is really none of my business.

Culture of Illusion – Yet Another Reason to Keep Funding Sesame Street.

If only all things were as delightful as this thing. It is also further proof, if any were needed, that Sesame Street is an incisive cultural bellwether. Our lives would be a lot poorer if it were to pass.

Don’t forget your flame-proof spray…

Don’t forget your flame-proof spray…