Horror Scope – Libra 17th October

Today –

Walking for thinking,

Running to clear your head

And flying because of the giant cybernetic wings that have been grafted to your back, complex wiring interlaced with your nueral system.

Fly, my pretty, fly.


libra 2

Horror Scope – Libra 16th October

You forgot to read your horoscope today. That is why today has been such a disaster.

You do not know this is the reason for your failure because you have not read your horoscope.


libra 2

Horror Scope – Virgo 6th September

An unusual job offer sees you traveling through time to the land of the dinosaurs, accidentally killing a butterfly and changing the course of history forever so in our present the Imperial Kardashian Family never rose to power. All Hail The Most Imperial Kardashians may their Tribe Increase a Thousandfold!