Horrorscope – Buy Me.

I made this.

horror candy tin

It is the best thing for holding candies or poison* but not both at the same time.



**it’s fine to put both candies and poison in it at the same time***


***no it’s not. Don’t put poison in it.

Culture of Illusion – Inappropriate Candy Review.

There is a video on the internet that I have not seen called Two Women, One Cup. I hear that it is not the most pleasant thing in the world, either for the viewer or, for the two young women participating. I am not going to include a link here as I do not want to imprint my mind with it nor do I want to sully your poor psyche any more than it is already being sullied by living every day in this harsh world.


Let us imagine, instead of two women and one cup, that the infamous video in question showed a Care Bear and a My Little Pony, sharing a cup. Let us say that Harmony Bear and Rosedust had fallen on hard times, their rent was due and they had been given the opportunity by Gargamel to make some easy money. After they had committed the acts as performed in Two Women, One Cup then the end result would taste similar to raspberry and dark chocolate m&m’s.

I apologise for rendering so sweet a pair of characters in such a vile scenario but I felt it was the only suitable way to warn you off this particular flavour of m&m’s.

You are most welcome.

Your thanks are not needed but they are enjoyed.