Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. The police are at tyson’s corner so are the fire brigade. Three floors of an apartment have been evacuated because of a funny angel emanating a funny smell emanating from one apartment and the occupier threatening the police through the door with a gun. This is the story this is the police narrative. It is raining. It is wet. The pollen has a sharp taste in the eyes and ears. It burns oh how it burns. There are discarded pistachio shells all around the busstop. They were there yesterday. Perhaps they will be there tomorrow. He hopes that the pistachio nuts were enjoyed but sad that the enjoyer should not have collected the casings in a bag as the inner goodness was eaten and not cast them aside like bullet shell casing around the memory of a bunker mounted machine gun in war. food war. Trash war. He buys a hazelnut coffee. Workers wait in the store away from the rain their shifts not begun yet but already looking tired. He stands outside the bus shelter using his umbrella giving distance between him and the women to Dow to them that he odd not a threat. It probably doesn’t work. They probably wonder if they give him any thought at all why he isn’t standing insider the bus shelter because there is, after all, plenty of room. He accidentally calls a lady bus driver sir. He feels bad about this. Maybe she had no opinion but he uses his imagination to imagine her imagining why a passenger imagined she should be okay with being called sir in a heteronormative world. One day it might not matter but today it does to a lot of people it does because of prejudice and reasons and judith butler is nowhere to offer clarity and assistance. He eats a burger and drinks a sangria and children apart at host place of work except his work is different the geography is different and the kids are soon out of control and posting buttons they super be pressing and acting in a threatening manner to all the adults and then to him and then a masked intruder begins starting fires and he chases the pyromaniac on a scooter through the city and he catches him with webbing like spider man and it turns out the intruder is just a bullied kid who wanted friends and then the wrestling team attack but he protects the child and her is a child but then he looks in the mirror and sees his belly distended all veined like a pregnant belly and he thinks of he farts it well deflate do he farts and it does not deflate so he shrugs his shoulders and puts his shirt on and winners if he is dreaming as he locks eyes with a homeless man who is trying to sleep in a bus shelter. There is no conclusion to the stand off at the apartment that began in the morning. Perhaps everyone forgot and drifted away from the scene to other acvities. He keeps walking as he falls asleep.