Culture of Illusion – Armageddon or Bust.

Ignore the awful yellow backdrop and the garish red font and enjoy this great song.

The Pilgrim Travellers were a Texas based gospel group who found fame in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

This is the only song of theirs that I know. I had it on a compilation of Atomic themed songs that I bought from a record store a few years ago. Yes. We used to buy records from record stores. Now we sit in our beds wearing only our shame clicking on buttons to fill our hard drives with data. Ahem.

Great song.

There are definitely not enough Jesus/Atomic themed songs in the current hit parade.

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift really need to step their game up.

They could easily rerecord some of their current hits:

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Because Jesus is Riding an Atom Bomb Straight into our Living Room.

As ¬†Long As You Love Me Because Jesus Has The Launch Codes And He’s Not Afraid To Use Them.

See how easy it is?

Don’t forget your flame-proof spray…

Don’t forget your flame-proof spray…