Appetite for Distraction – Welcome to Brookland.

welcome to brookland

I was there to watch dance and to take this picture.

If you want to know more about the area, click HERE.

It is a link to it’s Wikipedia page. I cannot attest to the truth of anything on that page.

I hope I have not guided you into a Web of Deceit.

Culture of Illusion – One Possible Future.

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Culture of Illusion – Sunset Over Washington.

A quirky fact about the Washington Monument – the tip is made of aluminum. Why, you might ask. It seems that at the time of the building of the Monument the most precious element in all the world was aluminium. Little were the designers to know that in but a century or so cans full of fizzy soda would be made of that very same material. I hope that the fact I used both spellings of that particular element has annoyed everyone in equal measure.

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So now this wounded phallus wears a worthless hat.

I don’t know if there is some kind of deeper conclusion one can draw from this about the State of the Nation whilst one enjoys the beautiful sunset, but if you can think of one please let me know.

Culture of Illusion – Matchbox Monuments.

I was quite taken with the idea, as I was strolling through Washington DC today, enjoying the full bloom of The Cherry Blossom Festival, of taking some photographs in which the great monuments of this fine country are but specks in the frame. So I did that and I show some of them to you now.

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You will note that The Washington Monument does not fit the definition but I included it anyway.

Please forgive me.