Valentine’s Lesson #1: Objects = Love (As is Tradition.)

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like buying things from my store.

You will not regret your purchases.*

A postcard... of love
A postcard… of love
A necklace... of love
A necklace… of love
A canvas... of love
A canvas… of love
A throw pillow... of love
A throw pillow… of love
A tote bag... of love
A tote bag… of love
A mug... of love
A mug… of love
A t-shirt... of love
A t-shirt… of love
A candy tin... of love
A candy tin… of love

*you may regret your purchases.

Shop – If you want your legs to have an extra screaming mouth…

Then look no further than these stylish spandex pantaloons.






Ignore the tears of your fellow yogis. They are tears of jealousy.

Cutethulu – Lewis Carroll Meets H.P. Lovecraft Meets Twee.

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day. What better way to celebrate that perfect union betwixt you and your special one by gifting them a t-shirt like this one:


I thought I was being really clever but apparently I’m not the first person to put the word CUTE and the word CTHULU together and then draw a twee version of The Elder One.

Even so, given that my 401k isn’t going so well and this t-shirt is awesome I recommend you buy one for someone you love.

Valentine’s Day! Patron Saint of The Elder Gods!*

*I’m going to hell.