Defeat The Silence – Mother Funning Music.

And it’s Friday again and things have happened and here is music and Jeremy Scahill:

And that is that.

Defeat The Silence – Rub A Fucking Dub.

Many years ago, at the back of an English class, listening to this on tiny earphones with a friend:

It was the coolest thing in the world then.

It is still the coolest thing.

And that drummer is All That.

Goodnight and Good morning.

Defeat The Silence – Things Could Be Worse.

They could be a lot worse than they are now, couldn’t they?

I think they could be a lot worse.

Enjoy this:

Look at this music using your ears.

Hear it with your nose.

Smell it with your eyes.

Hello Friday, where have you been all week?

I missed you.

Defeat The Silence – The Music Soothes The Terror of a Technocratic Dictatorship.

I don’t know why I’m worried by Google but I am.



Anyway, the music is great and that makes me forget about my paranoid worries.

Defeat The Silence – Ooh. Snap, Crackle and K-Pop.

There is a storm coming and I am stuck inside but that is no reason not to listen to some K-pop.

1. G-Dragon

2. GI (Global Icon)

3. Psy


Thank you Kpop for Noobcakes.

Defeat The Silence – You Turn If You Want To.

I feel that these songs go together.

See if you agree.

Immortal Technique –

The Pogues –

So there.

Defeat The Silence – For None And For All.


Just a mixtape.

Nothing More.

But what more could you possibly need right now?

Defeat The Silence – Monday, Hear Me Roar.

Bring it on, Week, give me everything you’ve got.


I’m ready for you.

I Am Ready For You.

You Motherfucker.

Defeat The Silence – The Dawn Before The Night Before The Moon Before The Sun.

I just got back from The Dance Place where I watched a Bharata Natyam dance and then a recreation of Anna Sakalov’s Magritte Magritte. Earlier tonight I would not have been able to understand anything in that sentence.

There shall be thoughts etc at a later time

For now

this is how I feel:

There is one more performance on tomorrow. Go and see it if you can.

Defeat The Silence – Free Market Tyranny and Fairytales.

Baroness Thatcher and Billy Bragg.

I don’t know if they ever met, but if they did, I think it would have been similar to what would happen if matter and anti-matter met in an experiment in a science fiction b-movie.


Defeat The Silence – Blank Slate

It has been a long day. Music. Talking. Music.

I don’t know if you have time in your busy schedule to listen to all of this but if you do I recommend that you do.

I hope that you found that worthwhile.

Defeat The Silence – Bring Out The Beast.

If you have a spare 38 minutes and 20 seconds I recommend you spending it with this album:

My Baroness Thatcher related post for the day.

Trying to keep everything as opaque as possible.

Is it Tuesday already?

Defeat The Silence – An Obscene Music Review.

old sock

Eric Clapton – Old Sock

I once masturbated into an old sock.

This is what Eric Clapton is doing to music with this new album.

Just imagine his guitar is my penis and the sock is the cover version of the song he is performing.


Old Sock.

Defeat The Silence – Peace, Driven, Uplift.

Snoop Lion advocating for peace.

Big Black Delta with a glorious soundscape.

The Cat Empire being The Cat Empire.

Nothing could be better than these three pieces of music right now.

Defeat The Silence – Trumpet, Science, Dreams.

I had forgotten about The Cat Empire. I am glad that I remembered them.

Then I discovered the thumping bone-joy of Ta-ku and I want more of it vibrating the meat off my limbs.

It ended when I glanced over and saw Sam Jump playing When You Smile.

Soundcloud you are beautiful but you drive me insane because I only have one life and I must sleep but you keep dripping these glorious people down onto my soul, dripping their talent and their music everywhere.

Defeat The Silence – Arthur C. Clarke Remembered.

Goodnight and/or Good Morning:

Somebody somewhere is sleeping now.

If you are reading this then it isn’t you.

This has nothing to do with Arthur C. Clarke.

Defeat The Silence – Go To The Library.

Frank Zappa died in 1993.

Composer, iconoclast, mainstream counter-cultural icon.

From Beginnings to Endings he maintained a concrete sense of his public persona.

See here one of his first public appearances in which he plays the bicycle on national television. It’s a long clip but it’s worth watching in its entirety. There are many things to be enjoyed – The patronizing host Steve Allen, the charming Zappa taking the artifice of television in his stride and some excellent bicycle musicianship.

In the interview he mentions that his first job is the composer of the score to the film The World’s Greatest Sinner. I include, for the sake of completeness, the trailer and also a musical sequence for that film.


Here is some of the music:

We rejoin Mr. Zappa several years later when this, now successful artist, appears on What’s My Line? Not as surreal as Salvador Dali’s appearance because Zappa was as much a part of the pop culture that he often critiqued, yet still a wonderful collision between the nominally “dangerous” world of rock music and the formal structures and polite exchanges of a light entertainment show.

Years later, here we can see him owning the Arena when he appears on the discussion show Crossfire:

This next clip is the one that started me on this current Zappa Journey. A rare glimpse of the truth of the music industry from one who had the eloquence and the experience to talk about it. Still relevant today, even as the Industry struggles to remain afloat in a world of piracy and self-starters.

Then finally, his final interview, talking about the composer Nicolas Slonimsky and how well dressed he was:

How many millions of moments existed between the ones that I happened to pick, pretty much at random, where he loved, cried, sang, lived, laughed?

A lot of moments.

A human life is so many things.

Let us not end sadly though. Let us end gladly and with this upbeat sentiment:

I hope that this gives you a flavour of the man and a desire to explore his work further.

Defeat The Silence – Inappropriate for Sleeping.

It’s nearly bed time. Have you done anything worthwhile with your day?

Have you changed anything?

Do not worry. There is always tomorrow.

Tomorrow there will be opportunities for you to do what you want.

It’s not failure, it’s success delayed.

Defeat The Silence – Imagination Will Set You Free.

It’s Tuesday. You need a hamster battling foes in your life. You need a hamster battling foes as The Octopus Project provide a high energy burst of theramin fuelled music in your life.

Run to this music! Run far away and take your dreams with you! Nurture them as you rail against everything that spoils your day!

Too many exclamations!

Defeat The Silence – Salute the Jug Band.

13th Floor Elevators full of anger, rage, passion and, not only sterling work on the jug but also, a stonking harmonica solo.

Rock. The Fuck. Out.

Defeat The Silence – On Waking.

On waking, this silken honey repetition will bring you to full consciousness. It’s repetitive beats will get under your skin and energize. You will dance on the inside and then dance on the outside.


Then you find yourself flying in the clouds alone and free and this song lifts you on wings of electronica as you soar and dip and swerve in the endless sky even as the crush in the train to work seeks to remind you of the life you did not want to live. Why am I loving Electronic music so much recently? This is a reason:

It is a beautiful thing that a digital electronic noise can create such a sense of nature inside my soul. I don’t know how it does this but I hope it does it to you too.

Finally this piece is your escape into another world. It takes you and lifts you to a better place rising up and ever upwards.

So the theme today is metaphysical flying via electronic music.

You are welcome to your Monday.

Defeat the Silence – 1234 1234

This is a lovely song. A simple guitar accompanied by Feists beautiful voice. The original video is imaginative and because it’s not necessarily what I would have expected to accompany the song makes me enjoy it even more. Every one should have a place for choreography in their lives:

However here is proof, if any were ever needed, that adapting the lyrics a little and adding muppets to a thing increases its entertainment value many-fold.

It brings me great joy that the Sesame Street version has 7 times as many hits. This is not because I dislike the original – it’s lovely. I just enjoy the fact that it is possible that most people in the world who are familiar with this song think it’s about counting monsters and chickens.

Defeat The Silence – General Zod Playlist.


And This:

Inspired this:

Sort of.

Thank you Alex.

There is only one person in the world for whom this makes any sense.

Regardless of this exclusive club of two, to which none of you belong, I hope that enjoyment will be found in the seemingly random juxtaposition of these short clips from Superman II and this fine playlist.

Yes, I wrote “seemingly”.

Ponder on the myriad levels as you end your work week.

So many levels.

Enjoy Friday and the weekend.