The Watermeloning – Halloween Special Redux

I posted this before but it’s Halloween so I thought the world was ready to re-experience the horror….

Oh Dripping maw of meaty red
Do not look in that cave of dread
We Ope’d the Fruit
And so it bled.
Oh Dreaded Fruit of Rotten Red.

Sleep with the light on tonight…

Mwahahahahahahaha. etc.

Appetite for Distraction – The Final Moments after the Door to the End has been Opened.

Hear me knocking at the door
Soft shoed footfalls on the floor
Blinding angels distant seen
The sun, through clouds, spears out between.

Appetite for Distraction – The Endless Shore.

The Totem lashed upon the shore,
By lapping Sea of Evermore.
The glinting sun did sparkle bright
On lonely shore
Of Never Night.