Central sectional view of the great camp at Fort Bliss, Texas. Picket Lines and Battery Parks., 9/26/1915

Series: C. Tucker Beckett’s Photographs of “The Mexican Expedition, U.S. Army, 1916”, 1914 – 1917
Record Group 165: Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs, 1860 – 1952

According the Series’ Scope & Content note, this photo was part of  a collection of photographs taken by C. Tucker Beckett, who served with the 16th Infantry during the U.S. Army’s Mexican Punitive Expedition.

The Mexican Punitive Expedition began in March of 1916, when General John J. Pershing led several thousand U.S. troops across the border into Mexico, following attacks on American citizens and property by the followers of Francisco (Pancho) Villa. Pershing’s orders from the War Department were to pursue and disperse Villa and his band or bands. 

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