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He wakes up. He doesn’t know if he slept or if he is awake. The sun is beading light down the wall so it must be daytime. It buttons then slips into thickening ropes until it spread and make a small lake on the floor. It is hot outside and he dresses incorrectly wrapped up in a winter coat so he sweats and fumbles his way to work. He sees a woman picking her nose. A man playing flappy bird. A family sitting silently staring into the distance. A man tripping on a stone. A woman diving across the road before the light changes and making it just in time before large vehicles crush her body. He reads about capitalism in the 21st century and he is confused by it. He feels that he is constantly just one corner away from understanding. One corner he has to walk around and there in front of him will be the answer he is searching for. It is always the next corner. Always when he reaches it the answer has moved on just a little further. He goes to sleep.