Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He goes to the gym and experiences nausea on the running machine and the rowing machine and the step machine but it is good nausea then he worries about tumors and journalism and journalling and the moon hoax axe murderer who claims that the missing plane is on the darkside of the moon with the Nazis having been sucked through an artificial black hole that was made by a secret superweapon. Who controls the news birth market looking at purple tears weeping down a man’s face. Museums closed early and passport missing and slowly growing fear pushing it down as the spiral begins not to worry but without his passport he has no identity and he will have to get a new one and this will take six weeks and then he will not be able to take his driving test and then he will not be able to go to court with it and he will be put in jail for months and he will lose his job and he will be deported and he will need to renew his visa and thousands of dollars and time and effort will be expended as he then has to retake all the tests for his driving licenese again and come back to the country for court and then finally his passport is found and he is tearfully grateful but at what cost was it found and will it ever be better and how shockingly bad has he turned down the wrong path into the misty valley and he cannot see the end of the valley he can only hear noises in the dark that he does not like the sound of but then watching Veep and True Detective in Russian and eating tasty burgers becalms and relaxes and everything is okay again for a while but it will not be okay again in the future as the long winding road of comprimise crumbles before and behind him. The birth of the modern world, puzzle palace the masters of literature the power of the media news religion genuflection truth all of it mashed up together into a pulpy mess that can only be absorbed through a straw rammed into the forelobe of the brain as slowly conflict over water becomes a mainstream idea as Thucydides teaches about politics and war and Chekhov teaches about human relationships and jelly splash teaches nothing and there is walking and coffee and chocolates and Frisbee and Belgian brownies and a student making ricin in his dorm and matt taibbi’s book of eloquent rant and Andrew Jackson is a psychopathic maker of modern America and British are let of the hook once again for oppression native Americans and slaves. Bill Murray appears in Razor’s Edge in a beautiful powerful vanity project that nobody remembers and everyone is watching everything and everyone and no one is contemplating or compromising and everyone is afraid and tired and stressed and broken and beaten but double fried chicken almost solves everything and the sense memory of double fried chicken almost solves everything but there are still naggging doubts that remain like where is the plane and is Putin going to invade Finland and is there any milk in the fridge and does this blackberry infused coffee taste good or does it not taste good and why is sport and how do life and it is only lunchtime on another Monday in the 21st century so he does the only thing he can do and that is go to sleep.

Published by

The Sleepcoat League

Armchair anthropologist, sometime scribe, freelance philosopher, amateur artist, part-time poet, musical maven, alliteration aficionado.

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