Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. Lou Reed lookalike leaves the train leaving Burton on the seat on the train. Lonely button in Ukraine, Syria, Sochi, ASCII, sicko, Fresno, draino. Lennons lined up on a row jump start orchestra starts the show. Ringo and Paul have a bad fall There are cars and there are bras that hook in the front. There is rapping and clapping and ringing and singing. There are pills and there are drugs and there is drink and there are plugs. Kochs drink coke take coke burn coke. His lips swell and pell mell he slips down a steep slide all muddy and wide. Health insurance and life insurance and insurance insurance and rotten cheese tastes the best but rotten meat is poison and it will sink in your veins and your labyrinthine veins will unwrap themselves and yield to something or other. He reads Moll Flanders and accidentally buys a book about Richard Pryor and gets a new credit card and spends a lot of time drawing lines on paper and then he goes to sleep.

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