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He wakes up. He passes his driving test. Then there is some confusion so he cannot pay for the test or get proof that he has taken the test or that he exists and he is told that he has to go to another department but after the weekend so he remains hopeful but he knows that deep down he is going to have to go through the whole process again from the very beginning as if he had never applied for it and his car will combust and all that will remain will be a smouldering tire and a melted radio. Then he makes a terrible faux pas which he will not write about. Then he inhales more of the tragedy from The Philippines and from Afghanistan and from the prisons of America and from the forgotten sections of the Estates of the cities of the world and he has a coffee and he gets paid and then loses all of his money on living expenses and staying alive and then he is saddened as liberal commentators suggest crushing sanctions on Iran and then he watches hairs gray on his beard and then he watches a commercial about hair loss and then he is saddened about the entrenched bigotry and homophobia that he feels bonded to the fibers of his being and then he tries to be less so of that and more so enlightened and he watches a video about the division of blue eyed children and brown eyed children in a classroom exercise and it seems that everyone should experience that lesson and then he lies down and then he sleeps.