Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He is weightless with happiness and even the rain does not dampen him and even the cold does not bother him and the bus driver is singing and the world is clean and hopeful and perfect and then his shoes get wet but it’s still not a disaster. Then he eats a sandwich and then he feels great feelings of joy and the hair grows slowly in his ears and in his nostrils and as he walks his legs rub against his trousers and imperceptibly they erode fiber by fiber so that in months to come he will need to buy a new pair of trousers or walk the world wearing trousers with holes in them as he did in his youth without thinking that it was a problem even though looking back he sees that it was a problem and deeper than that a problem that he didn’t think it was a problem. Then he eats some rice and his brother warns him that reheating rice can incubate the botulinim toxin and he is not sure if that is true but his brother is generally a trustworthy source for science but he has already eaten the reheated rice so he just hopes that he has not been infected with botulism and he jokes about mashing the rice into his face and hoping that it works like a botox injection. He imagines Hollywood stars believing this and people who want to be Hollywood stars believing this as they go to special rice boutiques where white gown clad experts mash old wet rice into their glazed mushroom skin faces. Then he goes to sleep.



  1. Ha! This one was genius. I really like the declension from being on top of the world to thinking about how everything in the world needs maintenance and/or erodes. And of course, the end 🙂


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