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He wakes up. He eats some cookies. He has some coffee. He watches a documentary about Jung. He does his laundry. He finds a bill that he owes and another bill that he owes and another bill that he owes and he puts them in a pile of bills. He wonders if he will be able to take his driving test this week. It has only been three months after all since he filled in all the paper work. Perhaps he will have the courage to organize himself this week. Then he reads some books and then he cooks some fish and broccoli with soy sauce and chili which is tasty and then he ignores more calls from someone who is certainly by all definitions a stalker and he worries that this might get worse but he puts that worry in the same pile as the bills and the organizing the driving test and the plans for his future and his hopes and his dreams. Then he transfers some money and then he goes to sleep.