Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. Did the night happen he wonders. He thinks it probably did but he was asleep when it happened. Then he runs for the bus and he makes it because of the red light. He thanks the red light. It is cold this morning. He should have come out in a coat but it is too late to get a coat because he is on the bus and he cannot just steal a coat from a stranger. He wants to be able to inject books directly into his brain. The sun comes up and it is still cold. Then he is at work and he orders some chairs. Then he wonders if the chairs will be okay. Then he makes some pictures. They are all magical. Then he wonders whether he should have spoken to Eric Schlosser yesterday but he looked like he was in a bad mood so it’s probably best he didn’t speak to him because it would just have been to tell him how much he enjoyed Fast Food Nation. Eric Schlosser has probably heard this too many times and is now bored with people telling him how much they enjoyed Fast Food Nation. Now he has a book about Nuclear Weapons and he probably wants people to read that and tell him how wonderful they think that book is. He looks annoyed and tired but well dressed which is probably compulsory after talking to lots of people that you don’t know about a book that none of them have read but are all pretending to have read. Then he has a coffee and then all of a sudden he is on the bus again and work happened and there was a flood in Mexico and the shooting in DC is almost forgotten and the flood in Colorado is almost forgotten and the flood and Hurrican in Manila was never mentioned by anyone in the mainstream media because of the usual reasons and a new drug which is really a combination of old drugs is being used by the poor in South Africa and the Federal Reserve is still printing free money and the random number got bigger and bigger like the bloodied swelling of an erection as they all realised that Ben Bernanke sacerdotes in chief displayed the entrails and intoned that the economy was not yet strong enough to not piss free money into the mouths of the rich so that then it could funnel through their alimentary canals to be shit into the mouths of the poor. Then he watches Rouhani says categorically that Iran does not want Nuclear Weapons and he watches it and realizes that this will make no difference to those in America who want to invade Iran which is a shame.  Then his books by radical thinkers arrives and he is happy about that and he eats a bagel and he reads his books and gets coffee all over his sweater and he tweets idiocy into the night and tries to forget that it is all being archived in The Library of Congress and he goes back to reading and researching his massive never ending projects and he goes to sleep.


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