Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. Miley Cyrus and her parlous attempt at twerking is still major news but for all the wrong reasons as she is now the inventor, empress, queen of the twerk regardless of the minstrel like nature of her performance regardless of the objectification of the african american dancers with her on stage regardless of the cultural theft regardless of the 20 year history of twerking regardless of the white supremacy of culture that absorbs all other cultures like the amorphous alien blob of so many b-movies starring only white people regardless of New Orleans and the missing from any pages anniversary of Katrina and the destruction of the poor of a vibrant city. Then he is waiting at the station and through the window he sees Mr. Levenson and he is so over joyed that he is alive and wasn’t taken off by the taxi driver somewhere awful to be eaten or whatever worst case scenario he could think of so he gets on the train and after many stops he manages to get Mr. Levenson’s attention which is hard to do because he is reading a book and is many seats away but finally with a wave he gets Mr. Levenson’s attention and Mr. Levenson waves back but doesn’t recognise him immediately then his eyes lighten and he smiles and give a little seated hand clasped bow and mouths thank you and exchanges thumbs up and Mr. Levenson signs something that he doesn’t understand so he gives a thumbs up sign and raises his eye brows in a questioning manner and then Mr. Levenson responds with three repeated movements which he doesn’t understand then he get the second one and the third one and then minutes later he works out the first one and Mr. Levenson was saying over and over again thanks to you thanks to you and he feels happy as he leaves the train and glows that he helped another human being get home and that perhaps if we all helped people then the world would be a better place because helping people feels so good and he is full of the joy of the human spirit. Then he is in the grocery store and a teenager accidentally steps on the back of his foot and he is full of rage and anger and hates everyone again especially the oblivous teenage boy who he wants to go over and scold but then he realises how ridiculous this is and he buys some carrrot juice and some sushi and he goes home and he reads and he worries and he sleeps.


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