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He wakes up. The sky is grey and his brain is gray. He learns about a school in Florida where it seems that runaways were sent and then abused and beaten and died. Once again human beings are monstrous. The town where the school sits also enjoys the reputation of having one of the most horrific lynchings in the history of America and given that the history of lynchings is utterly monstrous this fact in itself is an accolade that the people of this town are probably not overly proud of or maybe they are human beings can be proud of the strangest things. When monstrous things happen in America they always go large. Then he has a coffee and then he writes an email and then he sits on the bus and then he watches people lie to Congress and then he wonders whether China will be better stewards of the planet than America and he doubts it very much and then he wonders if an outlier will become the Policeman of the world like Luxembourg or Bhutan or Scotland if it gains independence and he thinks that this is not likely. He goes to sleep discontent.