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He wakes up. He is refreshed. He does not know why. He talks to his lover and then goes to work. He notices that the differences between the book The Butler and the movie Lee Daniel’s The Butler include the name of the butler and also the omission of Truman and Carter from the pantheon of Presidents. He wonders if he will have to get a Scottish Passport if the vote for independence is succesful in his homeland next year. Will he be a man without a nation or will he be a man with a nation he is slightly embarassed by and unwelcome in? He does not know. He has an argument which he doesn’t like and then he resolves the issue which he finds more pleasant. He wonders why the locked down city of Boston during the Bostom bombings is not seen by some as proof that the city was terrorized and consequently terrorism worked just perfectly and that it will act as an example to other terrorists and that it makes look America look terrified. Then he wonders why the military court on a military base of the most powerful military in the world has been defended with even more defense to protect it against anyone who might try to attack Major Hassan. Again it does not look like the action of a group who are powerful and in control. It looks like a group who are terrified. That is what it looks like although it probably isn’t like that at all it is probably just justifiable defence against an as yet unseen foe. He goes to sleep.