Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He should never have drunk that 40 ounce bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Everything is bigger everything is too big in America everything is not big enough could be bigger in America. A baby is given a name. lots of babies are given lots of names. Some babies die some parents mourn and are inconsolable but soon they will heal but they will never forget. Then more freedom is fought for each little thimbleful of freedom dipped from the ocean of apathy of indecision of laziness and the ocean is made a little smaller but not noticeably and the stock market goes up and down just like it always does. On the television there is a commercial to buy a facsimile of a watch that Jesse James stole and then gave back to a train driver. It is a strange commercial and the $30 pocket watch is probably good for a day of use before the whole mechanism sprangs apart into unuseable parts. Sprangs is definitely a word. He wishes atheists were nicer and is sad that they have founded a tribe of their own. He has felt this sadness before but even more so now that there are atheist services with songs and sermons and charismatic leaders  and he thinks of snake oil and elmer gantry  and the desire of human beings including himself  to be suckered into believing something anything that has any meaning about anything and some answers to the ever living questions that the perceptions that the universe has a meaning offers up without any reasonable or acceptable answers just the inchoate cloud of horror that is at the heart of the universe. Futurama is good tonight. He gets home and opens the wine and the sweet nectar numbs him and he is disappointed that he calls it sweet nectar and he believes things of dubious merit and he does things of dubious merit and he watches a commercial for The Wolverine and can only think of the video of Hugh Jackman shilling for Walmart on stage talking to shareholders and telling them that he should be at his daughters first play and he shows them a video that his wife has taken of the play and there is wolverine there is Logan there is Hugh Jackman a scared paid for cowed bovine happy desperate actor missing one of the most important moments of his child’s life for money he doesn’t need but so that Walmart can exercise their power and illustrate their raw power to the shareholders and to actors and he feels that he will not be able to watch the Fearless Wolverine because whenever he sees Hugh Jackman he sees Hugh Jackman on stage desparate not to be there in front of Walmart Shareholders unable to be with his daughter. He drifts into unconsciousness.



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