Scientists discover the molecule responsible for causing feelings of depression

This is a fascinating article but I am always dubious when the major source is a
study, conducted by drug company Heptares Therapeutics, was published in the Nature journal on 17 July.
Who exactly are Heptares Therapeutics? Let’s take a look at their website:
It seems that they are a commercial company who have succesfully monetized the research of MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK) and the National Institute of Medical Research (London, UK).
That’s fine, everyone should be allowed to make a profit but it seems that Heptares have a great deal riding on the fact that there is a single molecule that causes depression because, it seems, that they have the cure.
I would hope that the cure for depression is as simple as described and is also affordable for everyone.
Given my experience of my own destructive depression I wish that more than anything.
However I’ve discovered that life is sometimes a little more complicated.
So if a story appears in which there is only one source quoted by various newspapers in one newspaper about some miracle wondercure then there is probably something more insidious going on.
Apologies for my cynicism.

Scientists discover the molecule responsible for causing feelings of depression

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