Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He probably doesn’t have a girlfriend any more. His girlfriend was probably imaginary anyway. Such is the nature of the modern world and social media. The world is on edge waiting for a baby to emerge just as the news emerges that a baby is emerging. There is a birthnado alert as everyone gets the news at once and then reads the same email on air to one another for the next five hours. Then he eats some pasta and then he goes to bed. The day is confusing and he is now lonely again but loneliness should come from something that was real that is now gone but it seems that it was something illusory that has now gone so he is having feelings for what is little more than a magic trick. He is sure that lots of bad news was buried today but he didn’t have the energy to search out what that bad news was. He goes to sleep regretting not seeing the stinking corpse flower that was opening it’s petals today and to him looks like the protrusion of a dog’s penis on a giant scale and he also regrets the amount of time he spent on tumblr even though he thought that what he posted was pretty amazing and what he looked at was pretty creative.

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The Sleepcoat League

Armchair anthropologist, sometime scribe, freelance philosopher, amateur artist, part-time poet, musical maven, alliteration aficionado.

17 thoughts on “Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.”

    1. Not really sure if there was one particular inspiration. I started on a project a few years ago that consisted of a novel length sentence in the second person (still unfinished and probably as pretentious as it sounds) based on a particular event in my life. Then in terms of literary tradition I would have to point towards the stream of consciousness narrative form expertly employed by, among others, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Dave Eggers, Thomas Pynchon, William Faulkner, Irvine Welsh and Sylvia Plath. I pick these authors because I have read their work not because I think my little entries are comparable. I use third person because it helps to distance me from any non-fictional elements I use and I try and use repetition in order to create a rhythm. Quite why I’m doing that I couldn’t say although I try to rewrite them as little as possible. This is probably quite obvious given the many spelling, grammar and syntactical errors that are present. I quite like to keep them in there as I think it adds a rawness to the writing – a bit like jazz.
      So that’s what inspired it. Writers better than I am and jazz. 🙂
      (It also means that I don’t need to proof it after I’ve written it and, given that I’m really lazy, that’s probably the main reason…)


      1. Being a stone wall when it comes to relationships comes in handy as well. Stupid relationships *shakes fist* Why even ask a lady to be yours if you’re not ready to be in a relationship? *smh*


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