Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He goes to the library. He writes. He feels like a success. He goes to see Monsters University. The trailers go on for hours and the movie is acceptable but there is something that twinges at the back of his mind about the film but he cannot put his finger on what it is. Perhaps it is the veneration of the working man and the veneration of college when neither seem to be venerated in the real world in they way they are venerated in this movie. And the way that difference is venerated and working hard is venerated because neither of those things seem to be prized in this world and then as he is walking to the bus stop he points a young man in the direction of the bus stop and it turns out that the young man is on day release from prison and it is his first day and he only has a limited amount of time to get back to prison or he will lose all of his privileges and if he is caught with cigarettes he will lose all his privileges and if there is any alcohol even the alcohol of mouthwash in his system then he will lose all of his privileges and he was given four years for being caught with marijuana and he only has 18 months to serve because of time already served in many awful places and he is trying very hard and he has a job and he want to get back to the straight and narrow but the world is making it so hard and then he asks about George Zimmerman and thinks he should go to prison but then the prisoner says he thinks that black men are bringing it on themselves and this seems racist and awkward and he clarifies that his wife is black but he still feels the same but he cannot explain this away and this is perhaps the way that the culture is crushing black men by making them seem like threats and criminals already and the system is crushing them and turning them into paste and every one starts as a child with potential but pretty soon that is crushed and brutalised and turned into anger and fear and loathing. The prisoner says no more racist things and changes the subject to hoping that he will get back in time because he does not want to lose his privileges. They say goodbye. He goes on the long steaming  heavy thick aired walk home sweating with every step and then he gets into the cool air  conditioned house and wonders if the young man who is now in prison for another night who has no air conditioning will make it through another day and will manage to free himself of the shackles that the state put on him for a mistake he made a long time ago a mistake which would not even be a mistake in many countries and he fears this country a little more and he expects the knock on the  door and the bag on the head and the airless room with the incessant questions and the rubber tubing wrapped round the legs to happen at any moment. He goes to sleep.



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