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He wakes up. He eats an everything bagel. He drinks a coffee. He walks to the bus stop. He waits for the bus. He gets on the bus. He gets off the bus. He waits at another bus stop. He gets on the bus. He sits on the bus. He gets off the bus. He walks to the mva. He gets given a ticket. He is seen after a couple of hours. There is confusion that the same thing will happen today as happened yesterday and that he will be turned away then the confusion is cleared and it seems that yesterday could have been the triumph it was today if he had only shown the person behind the counter an email. Then he takes the written test and gets cocky and doesn’t read the question properly so gets the answer wrong but ends up passing the test just fine and if he had had a car with him he could have taken the driving test section which he didn’t know but now he knows so now he has to find a car and a friend who will drive the car to the center. Things are looking up. Then he walks to the bus stop. Then he waits for the bus. Then he gets on the bus. Then he sits on the bus then he gets off the bus. Then he walks to the other bus stop and then he waits for the bus and then he gets on the bus and then sits on the bus and then he gets off the bus and then he walks to his house and he has another coffee and an everything bagel and it seems that up to this point his day is shaped like a palindrome. Then he takes a shower and then he goes out again and then he walks past some crows which sound like people who are doing impressions of crows and then he walks past some teenagers and one girl introduces herself and then he says are you doing this for a bet to make your friends laugh and this throws her because it seems that this is exactly what she is doing and he asks if she is the wacky one who will do anything for attention and this confuses her and her eyes look sad and he feels sorry that he was mean and then her eyes brighten and she asks if he is british and he says yes and then the teenagers walk off happy and confused and young enjoying the rest of the evening. Then he eats some chicken and then he drinks some water and then he plays Dark Souls which is bleak and awful and also wonderful and then he talks to someone who he has growing feelings for and they talk about many things and then he falls asleep sad that his day is clearly no longer a palindrome.