Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. It turns out that beard pornography is a thing. He goes to the mva and then after hours and hours sits down to get a license but is turned away because the stamp on his passport dissolved in the rain many months ago and he cannot remember when he arrived back in America the last time so he is sent away and the man behind the desk literally cackles but perhaps it’s an American cultural thing that he doesn’t understand. He is embarrassed and humiliated and then he goes to get an ice cream to commiserate but it is so hot outside that it melts all over his face and all over his hands and he must look a child. Then he plays cards for hours which is fun and then he gets home and watches some episodes of Bob’s Burgers and he tries not to watch the news and get sucked into the unrelenting horror of the world. He sleeps.


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