Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. The bottle of wine that was his best friend last night is not his best friend this morning. He eats a bagel. He drinks a coffee. He watches a show that talks about the future being full of robot societies. The scientist talking about this is very excited but it sounds terrifying and dehumanizing but given that the examples of what humanity can do to one another and what some people can get away with for doing to other people and even though the law of the land may have been followed and the jury did what they were supposed to given the tight parameters they were told to focus on a bad taste remains in the mouth of justice unserved and a system skewed. Then he makes some home made ice cream which works a little bit and then he goes to get some italian ice which is more successful but a small child disappears for a while which is terrifying but then the small child is found by the door so everything stops being terrifying and then he wonders why all the people who talk about not making race an issue happen to either be white people or Michelle Malkin. Then he makes some home made strawberry smoothie and it works very well and then he buys some juice boxes and then he buys some fruit and then he buys a game called Anti-chamber in the Steam summer sale when he is drunk and then tries to play it the next day but it makes no sense at all  and then he hopes to remember the lesson to not buy things when he is drunk but he will probably forget this lesson very soon. Then he walks home and then he gets involved in a water fight with children which he loses really badly but still has a lot of fun and then he is incredulous that a woman who fired two shots to scare her abusive ex-husband and didn’t hurt anyone is now serving 20 years in prison and this is in Florida and this does not seem fair and it seems that they have a law for black people and then a law for everyone else and then a special law for white people and another special set of laws for white people with guns. Then he watches some of bob’s burgers which is hilarious and then he drinks a coffee and then realises what a bad idea this is as he lies down to go to sleep but probably won’t sleep.


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