Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He had a dream that Jenny Agutter’s young children were tearing apart the inside of his car. That reminds him to watch Walkabout again. It is a great book. Then he remembers the time the Headmaster of his school read that book to the class and wonders if that was an appropriate thing to read to a group of curious 5-11 year olds. Then he sees that sharknado, janet napolitano and malala yousefzai are the top trends on twitter. Is there any way, he thinks, of connecting those three topics in a tasteful and respectful way. He cannot think of one so he lets his mind wander to other things. There’s something very primeval about a fire on a plane says one man on the television. Is that true? Surely fire is primeval but what is primeval about a plane one of the many wonders of the modern world if you are willing to discount the objects that some claim are model planes found in ancient Egypt dating to 200 BC? Perhaps the man who said this thing was thinking about the confined space of the plane as if it were some kind of flying cave and that a fire in a cave is primeval because that is what we see in the movies and then he got confused because he was on television and isn’t often on television so he said fire on airplanes is primeval before realising how ridiculous it sounds. He returns to thoughts of sharknadoes attacking America and getting past Janet Napolitano’s cordon so that Malala Yousefzai cannot attend the UN to give her speech on teaching and learning  and schooling and it reminds him of the time that he was in a taxi and he learnt that the taxi driver was from Pakistan and he tried  to bond with the driver by talking about Malala Yousefzai and was instead of bonding met with a string of invective to remember the wedding parties and to remember the shepherds and to remember the children playing innocently who were vaporized by missiles fired from drones controlled by PTSD suffering residents of California who just thought they were playing video games and that thing walking on two legs and pushing a ball was a circus dog and not a child wasn’t it surely it was just an animal and not a child and he thinks about the anger of the driver who continues and talks eloquently and there is a case to be made that Ms. Yousefzai is a marvelous propaganda tool and a marvelous band-aid for American Foreign Policy because look how evil the Taleban are  because they are ignorant and they shoot children on buses so we can then drone strike them and be awfully sad at accidentally murdering their children dear god the world is a fucking awful place and we are all fucking awful and there is no god except the one that we make so there probably is a god. Then his relationship gets more complicated and then he is told he is being played for a patsy and he knows this and he has known it for years but he feels unable to escape from the bear trap that he willingly and with open eyes walked into and watched as the rusty metal teeth snapped on his leg and bit deeply into the flesh down to the bone. He goes to sleep full of wine and confusion and resolve.


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