Appetite for Distraction – Another Day

He wakes up. He almost has sex. He almost makes it onto the bus but the road is being chewed up and rebuilt for reasons which aren’t clear to him although all the vehicles being used by the hard working people look like they have been built from diagrams provided by Richard Scarry. Then he gets to work and there is deadlock and heat in Egypt and there is terrible flooding in China and there is rape in the military both male and female and there is a tribe of Native Americans who are trying to use a treaty that was signed with the British government hundreds of years ago to get rights today. Given the awful record anyone who ever signed a treaty with the Native Americans has it does not look like it will help them to be recognised by the American Government. Then he walks home in the horrible humidity and he buys some alcoholic lemonade and he drinks the alcoholic lemonade and he eats some chicken and he watches some Futurama and he thinks to last night when Lawrence ODonnell and Richard Woolfe seemed to eviscerate Edward Snowden and yet again focused on the man and not the revelations and it seems that calling it the Snowden Affair and not the NSA Affair means that the fight has already been lost or already been won depending upon what side you happen to be on. It makes him feel very sad because he had hoped for better from both of those public intellectuals until they opened their mouths at least. Then he hears nothing back from the follow up calls he has made for jobs and the he watches a commercial for oreo cookies that sees the big bad wolf giving cookies to various fairy tale creatures and he wonders is the wolf doing this to lull all of these tasty looking creatures into a false sense of security so he can come back later when they are asleep in a cookie coma and devour them or has he genuinely changed and is being generous in an unselfish way and then he watches a commercial with Agent Smith from The Matrix movies stalking a hospital talking about good computer systems all working together but it is confusing because there are lots of Agent Smiths and has he changed like the Wolf or is he lulling humans into a false sense of security before he destroys them because it always seemed that Agent Smith thought that humanity was a virus and if he was in a hospital surely the first thing he would do would be to infiltrate the connected computer network and use it to destroy all humans but perhaps even human hating Agent Smith can change and be a shill for GE and it just goes to show once again that everyone has a price Alicia Keyes has a price and Yoko Ono has a price and CGI Bruce Lee and his estate has a price and Agent Smith has a price and everything can be commodified and bought and devalued because that’s the world we live in but the GE run hospital is probably a wonderful thing for those who have health insurance and as wealth is moral it must mean that only good people get such wonderful healthcare and if you don’t get this wonderful GE designed Agent Smith loving healthcare then you really are a virus and aren’t worth saving you worthless excuse for a human battery for the robot overlords. He goes to sleep realising that he has drunk far too much hard lemonade and he hopes it will not affect the start of his day tomorrow.



      1. For sure.
        Stupid emotions and life and Emotional Life getting in the way of creative expression with a total stranger.
        I think I was similarly entering a swamp of a particlar kind around that point too.
        Some things are best left out of blogs.
        And comment sections in blogs.


      2. But total strangers have helped me on this journey surprisingly. Yay for emails! LOL.

        The internets can be a curse or a blessing. I have learned that in the past couple of months. It’s a wondrous thing.


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