Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He is late for work. He doesn’t care so he lays in bed for longer. Then he gets into work and he watches the horrible aftermath of the plane crash in San Francisco and wonders at the fact that the bomb that targeted the place where Buddha reached enlightenment was not even on the news in any meaningful way even though it happened on the same day and at the same time. Then he finds the tragedy of Egypt terrible. Then he finds the tragedy of the exploding train in Quebec terrible. The he eats a lean pocket and notices that they have rebranded the packaging and they have made it more classy and upmarket so as he eats his frozen breaded treat he feels that he is a member of the monied elite which is a pleasant feeling. Then his show is taken off air for two whole minutes so for the entire planet earth who is watching this news programme there is just deep sucking blackness and no noise just silence because there is a new piece of equipment that has been installed somewhere far away that has not been secured or tested and no one knows how it works and  yet it has been installed in a critical area where it is easy for someone to accidentally press a button that means that there is no broadcasting on a news progamme for two minutes. He is sure that there is a good reason for this but he cannot think what it is right now. Then he speaks to what he thinks must now be his girlfriend which is a wonderfully pleasant experience and then he goes to sleep.


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