Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up.  A dour Scotsman has the entire psychological well being of a nation on his shoulders. He manages to deliver what is required and there is euphoria that will end with the draining away of the endorphins and with none of the fundamental problems of the world solved but for now everyone is happy and excited and full of joy and who is to say that this is not worth something. He sleeps for most of the day thick in the heat and the sweat. His car won’t start but he gets a friend to bring cables and then it starts and he reads and he writes and he makes some home made lemonade which is very refreshing and he makes some kasha which is healthy but not very filling and then he writes some more and then he talks to a friend and then he ponders this new relationship he has and wonders if it is a good idea as he can see all the branching possibilities and many of them do not end well but mostly because of what he might or probably will end up doing making a mistake or saying the wrong thing but this has never stopped him in the past because he has to live so why over think things he should just embrace this new relationship and deal with the awful fallout at the end of the relationship as he always does dust himself off balm the wounds and move onto the next wonderful adventure. He goes to sleep.



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