Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. Last night was confusing and depressing. He remembers listening to a report on the train strikes in San Francisco and how one technology start up executive thought they should all be replaced with robots. What a cunt, he thought. Who and how do you think he will get customers for his pointless start up company if everything is automated and no one has any means of supporting themselves and their families. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Ayn Rand is alive and well and feeding the treacle thick blooded heart of America. There is no empathy he thinks no empathy at all. It sickens him. Then he walks past a man who asks him for money and he lies and says he doesn’t have any. The coup which is not a coup is still going on in Egypt. He doesn’t understand what is going on. He then learns that America is taking photographs of everyones mail well not everyones but everyone who is suspicious he is suspicious so they are probably taking photographs of his mail although then these photographs are probably being discarded. Then he listens to people talking about the democratic process but no one seems to be talking about democracy when they talk about the democractic process in fact the phrase the democratic process seems to shift meaning depending upon who is saying it. This confuses him. Then he has a coffee and then he drinks some diet coke desperate to fill his belly because he missed breakfast and he is trying to save money on food and he finds some potato chips in the office kitchen which he eats and the rattle round inside his belly and he must wait for lunch to eat his lunch that he brought from home and he doesn’t like this budget for food that he has set for himself. Pope John Paul II is being made into a saint. He reads this and then learns that is because he has done two miracles. Curious as to what these miracles might be he searches on the internet. They seem like nice miracles because one involves curing a woman of a brain aneurysm and the other of asking God to cure a woman of Parkinson’s disease. The latter seemed, to him a little dubious but then when he learns that both of these miracles occurred six and then eight years after his death he thinks that this is even more impressive curing two women from beyond the grave or at the very least leaving a post-it note on the fridge in Heaven for God to take a look at when he gets round to it for one of the women and performing complex para-surgery on the brain of another there is no reason not to make him a Saint. And he thinks he wonders why people say there is no magic in the world because miracles seem to be magic or, at the very least witchcraft or sorcery but that is probably blasphemous so he eats a cupcake and has another cup of coffee and then a furby is in the office and it is irritating so someone takes the batteries out and it is dead and he thinks perhaps the third miracle could be to bring a battery free furby back to life again but this is probably blasphemous too or maybe just heretical. Then there is more coup talk in Egypt and there is a fighting in the streets and there is violence and lines drawn by rulers on a map is never the best way to sort out border disputes and then he is in an elevator with a man who smells of fresh mint and he falls in love with the man and the man disappears and then he hears fireworks in the distance that sound like bubblewrap popping and then he eats some rice and vegetables and then he reads about autism and then he reads about aristotle and then he reads about the history of war and then he watches The Human Condition and then he thinks about all these things and fails to draw any useful conclusions and then he falls asleep.


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