Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He managed to sleep through the whole night without waking for no reason to terrifying images created by his brain. It is raining. He scratches his beard. He makes some coffee. He has a headache. He enjoys work. He gets a phone  interview for a new job. It goes well until the conversation turns to his visa and then the conversation turns cold and ends. He will not hear back from them which makes him irritated because he would like that job. Then he wonders if Edward Snowden is living the Russian equivalent of The Terminal but it is probably more like The Trial and he is going to be taken off into the wilderness and disappeared if that has not happened already and he is glad that he does not have America as an enemy because it seems that in this world there is no one who is willing to stand against America and he is glad that America is such a goodie because if America were a baddie or ever acted questionably then he would perhaps have a low level feeling of fear that he would get used to but be stressed by for every waking moment of his life living in the beautiful country of America he is glad they never do anything questionable. Then he drinks a diet coke and then he eats some lean pockets and then he eats a greek yogurt and then he learns about the death of Arizona firefighters who were engulfed by flames as they hid themselves in special rescue bags and as the flames roiled  around them they probably suffocated as the hot tongues sucked the oxygen from the air. They were trying to save lives and they died. It is sad. There was one survivor and he is in shock. He was a watchman on a nearby mountain. That is sad too. The World is on fire. Sharia law rules in Syria. A soccer ball that generates electricity is being shown off by Obama and President Kikwete as they kick it inexpertly between one another and all he can think of is how beautiful the young inventor of this football is and he realises that his makes him an awful sexist chauvinist because here this incredibly intelligent woman has invented a wonderful energy creating football and yet all he can do is think of the various ways that he might be able to woo and love her and marry her and be with her forever. Then he has another coffee and soon afterwards gets caught in the rain wearing inappropriate clothing. Then there is a coup in Egypt and suddenly the Egyptian Army are the good guys and the democratically elected but strategy free zone that is Morsi disappears and he may be under house arrest and he may be in hiding and he may be with Edward Snowden in a plane bound for Ecuador hidden in a smuggling compartment that would make Han Solo jealous. Then he goes home and he eats some lentil soup and he eats some granola and he talks with a beautiful woman and he misses Futurama and he yields to sleep.


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