Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He watches The Queen of Versailles. It is an incredible film that perfectly captures the financial crisis through the lens of a very wealthy family falling on hard times. Then he has a coffee and some toast and his therapist calls him to tell him that she has accidentally double booked him and could he come and see  her now or tomorrow at the same time as it is early he politely declines and thinks that even despite his desire and love of anecdotes he suspects that he will not  be going with this therapist after all who cannot even seem to organise her diary. He then calls a friend and they talk about not very much of interest and then he reads some more of his book and then  he plans to go on another run because running yesterday was so pleasant and then he plans to go to yoga because he has a ticket for yoga and it would be a shame to waste the ticket and then he watches Jiro Dreams of Sushi which turns out to be a wonderful film about sushi and he loves films and he loves sushi so he enjoys the combination of the two. Then he goes to the toilet and after doing a poo sprays air spray with flower scent but all it does is enhance the stink of shit by giving it a gag inducing undercurrent of thick perfume. He wonders what genius  invented this and how we  all managed to fall for the idea that the one stink would cover the other when that is not how, by any scientific analysis, smell works. He gags and goes outside, leaving a cloud of unpleasant fumes behind him. We all do it, he thinks, why do we have to be disgusted by it? He does not have the answer but he is still disgusted. He falls asleep and then he feels sick and then he has a panic attack and then he misses his appointment to meet a friend at the World Bank to see what is probably a skewed documentary about Somali pirates but because it is the World Bank he misses free wine and free food but he is having a panic attack so this does not concern him too much. Then he calms down and then he gets irritated by some TED talks and the he reads Too Big to Fail and he reads a book about Goldman Sachs and then he reads a book about illusions and then he reads a book about how  the working class are being crushed in America and everywhere else and how the minimum wage is not a living wage and is probably therefore worse in many ways and then he has a glass of water and he feels marginally better but sad that he missed the World Bank free food and free wine but then of course it’s not really free because it is probably money sucked from Somalia somehow which created the perfect crucible  for young men to seek work and capital as pirates because they had no other opportunities. This is the extent of his analysis of Somali pirates and The World bank based on nothing more than his own prejudices as he falls asleep.

Published by

The Sleepcoat League

Armchair anthropologist, sometime scribe, freelance philosopher, amateur artist, part-time poet, musical maven, alliteration aficionado.

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