Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He has woken up a lot and so is exhausted. He gets in the shower and then gets his lunch from the fridge and walks to the bus in the rain and is late for work but nobody notices. He learns that Mr. Snowden doesn’t have a high school diploma. What a wonderful example of a self-made man he thinks who hasn’t got a formal education yet manages to work for one of the most powerful spy agencies in the world and then through a sense of duty to the public releases documents regarding spying on said members of the public. Then he eats some potato salad and has a coffee and plans to go and get his driving license and wonders if his car has been towed. He watches a commercial for Rolex and he wonders at it – It doesn’t just tell time it tells history the commercial says but surely it really does just tell time despite all the famous people who are pictured wearing a Rolex. It just tells time with lots of paid famous people who wear the watch in commercials through history because for them it was just a couple of hours work in front of a camera and then they were given a massive check but surely he is being cynical and the Rolex is some kind of history creating machine that without which no history would happen. Then he has his lunch and then he reads more about snooping and watches with sadness as it is all slowly justified and accepted with very little mainstream push back. Then Glenn Greenwald is feisty on Morning Joe. Then he has lunch and it is tasty chicken and rice and he has more potato salad then he sits there and he does nothing he does no work he can barely think he is so paralysed but then he manages to print out some lists for psychiatrists and psychologists and he juggles with the idea of pills and talking talking and pills and wonders if he can do both and if either of them will work. He thinks that neither of them will work but he is nearing the end of an imaginary rope and he does not know what will happen if that imaginary rope runs out. He will probably imagine more of it. Then he learns that there is some chocolate in the kitchen and he scampers to the kitchen and no one is there and he stuffs his face with chocolate his fat mouth stuffed with fine chocolate as his cheeks swell and the chocolate drips down his chin he is disgusting then he goes home and there is terrible rain and he is walking through the lightning with an umbrella protecting his tiny bag that has his camera in it and his pens and his notepads and the lightning flashes and the thunder rumbles and cars drive past him spraying funnels of water into the air drenching him as he staggers along the sidewalkless roads but then a horn honks and it his landlord who happens to be driving by and he gets a lift home and he his happy and not as wet as he could be then he gets into his pyjamas and he prepares some food and emails some friends and watches the ps4 press conference for reasons he cannot explain. There is so much violence in the games and so much power that the characters wield but it is fake power but useful power because in the real world we are having the power sucked from us and it is being replaced by power in games. Look at the power see how you can soar and fly and burn and shoot and kill without any remorse without any consequence you can be as a god and do it again and again and again because quite by accident the power is being sucked away from you in the real world and then he has a coffee and then he lies down in his bed. He hopes that he will sleep.

Published by

The Sleepcoat League

Armchair anthropologist, sometime scribe, freelance philosopher, amateur artist, part-time poet, musical maven, alliteration aficionado.

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