Appetite for Distraction – Another Day

He wakes up. He gets to work. Now everyone knows that the American Government is spying on everything but President Obama appears on television and tells everyone not to worry and that we can have a debate but the debate wouldn’t have been happening without the leaks and he does not trust President Obama with his charm and his smooth words and then later on in the day Facebook and Google and others all say they know nothing of this Prism project and he really doesn’t believe a word they say as all of their statements are eerily similar. It reminds him that one should never trust multiple sources telling exactly the same story because it means they have been colluding on their ass covering because everyone remembers things in slightly different ways but he is probably being paranoid but now that the US Government are looking at all of his porn links and his desperate emails and his unfinished short stories and his poorly framed photographs he thinks that perhaps it is time to back out of the cloud and to have a computer that isn’t connected to the internet and to close his Facebook account and his google account and his yahoo account and is tumblr account and his wordpress account but only after he has sent a few more emails and posted a few more witty pictures. Then he goes for a drink with a friend and they talk and then he goes home and he falls asleep with too many wines in his belly.


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